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    Hire Carrie to Consult

    Carrie is an industry expert with 20 years as an entrepreneur in the Wellness space. She has taken a concept from her creation to start-up mode, through scale and sale. She also had the unique experience of going “back in” to a company she had started after it had been held by Private Equity for 4 years. The wisdom gained during this time is invaluable.

    Carrie has lived and is well-versed on various growth vehicles including: corporate locations, licensing, franchising and e-commerce. She has built both service and product companies as well as two nonprofits and a family foundation.

    Carrie has been investing and advising companies since 2012. She has served on multiple Boards. To read Carrie’s complete bio, please click here.

    For more information on hiring Carrie to Consult, please email us at hello@carriedorr.com and we will be in touch shortly.